Wiimote for PC

Wiimote is a wireless controller for Nintendo Wii. It has a motion sensors, and other cool stuffs.

You can connect it, using Bluetooth, to your PC.

But there is no so much games on PC, using Wiimote :( For example, you can try to download WiiMaze


Giimote is the library for a GameMaker (GameMaker is a tool for making a games). Giimote fllows users of Game Maker to add Wii Remote support to their games and applications.


I used GiiMote for update two simple games (Maze and Street racing) to have a WiiMote support. You can download it here:

How to play

Before run game, connect your Wimmote to PC, using Bluetooth.

For play, use buttons on your Wiimote (like classic gamepad):

Wiimote (24 Kb)