Leaderboard for Vindinium (10 latest days)

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Vindinium is an Artificial Intelligence programming challenge with excellent Live TV visualisation.
It's sad, but there is no official Leaderboard for latest bots. So it's here!
Leaderboard updates every 10 minutes by cron.
To target Leaderboard your bot must play at least 1 finished game in last 10 days (after 18 August 2017, where we start collect statistics).
You enter Leaderboard if you are in top 40 players by Elo.

Last games update: 2018-01-27 12:30:04 (UTC+3)

Wanna highlight your bot? Use link http://janvarev.com/VindiniumLeaderboard?highlightHeroId=<your_heroid> or http://janvarev.com/VindiniumLeaderboard?highlightHeroName=<your_heroname>
Wanna make your own stat? See PHP source and adapt it to your needs
Need an API for this table? Retrieve all data in JSON at this link or write me to pro[at]janvarev.ru
Who am I? See this website or my bots Elfar0.1 and Elfar