Simple tutorial

Simple example

For example, you want to change some coord in some object.

Use code:

XMLScriptEngine.getInstance().runCommands(Button1,null,new XML("<cmd><sp n="x" v="400"/><sp n="y" v="200"/></cmd>"));

Script is passed in third param; second – environemnt (associative array), first – default object;

Using environment

var env:Object = {world: Canvas1};
  XMLScriptEngine.getInstance().runCommands(Button1,env,new XML("<cmd><sp id="world" n="width" v="800"/><sp id="world" n="height" v="600"/></cmd>"));

Run functions

XMLScriptEngine.getInstance().runCommands(Image1,null,new XML("<cmd><run1 n="load" p1="assets/personLeft.gif"/></cmd>"));

You can also run functions with much more params (use run0, run1, run2, run3)